Sony DPS-R7 Digital Delay/Reverb

This is a very nice reverb unit. Lots of variations, clean sound and when you power it up you’re greeted by a smiley dude on the LCD screen. What’s not to love?

The LCD seems to be sensitive to heat. When the unit warms up in the rack it starts to black out a bit. Run a fan on it and it goes back to normal. Weird.

Sadly, I think my R7 is on its way out. I’ve lost a couple input LEDs and sometimes it seems to be making a bit of a buzz. This has been my main go-to reverb and I hate to see it die.

Inputs: 2x FXLR, 2x 1/4″ Jack
Outputs: 2x MXLR, 2x 1/4″ Jack
MIDI: 5-pin DIN – 1x IN, 1x OUT, 1xTHRU

Each Effect program is a combination of three effects – pre, reverb and post.
Pre-effects: Parametric EQ, Phase shifter, Aural Exciter, Gate
Reverb effects: Hall, Room, Plate, Gated, Early Reflections, Delay.
Post-effects: Parametric EQ, Gate, Phase Shift, Auto Pan, Aural Exciter.

There are 100 preset programs and 256 user programs.

Acquired: 1996

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