Alesis MidiVerb

This effect was used on the song The Moment’s Dead (big reverb on the vocals)

The original half-rack, funky, reverb. I’ve had this thing since they first came out.

I pulled this out of storage and remembered something, it had a bad output jack.

An old simple repair job

The left output RCA jack had died years back. I couldn’t find a replacement jack to fit on the board so I decided to do a quick fix on it. I inserted a cable through the RCA jack and soldered it in place. That seemed to work well enough for me at the time.

MidiVerb guts

The center connector became un-connector-ed.

Looking at the state of the unit today I noticed the insulator in the RCA jacks has become quite dry and crumbly. This may or may not cause problems down the road so I decided to do a slight modification.

Now, I am against doing major alterations to units that are becoming somewhat hard to find. I like to keep things as intact as possible. I considered ripping out the RCA jacks but there really isn’t a need. I’ll just go with my first concept. Feed some wires through the RCA jacks and end them with some nice 1/4 inch phono jacks.

Wires go through hole and get soldered to existing jacks.

Nice and neat

This doesn't damage the unit and can be removed in the future.

This worked like a charm. My original Midiverb has found itself once again wired to my effect patchbay. I have to say, I LOVE patch 50 – a 20 second dark reverb. So gritty.

The only thing I don’t like about this unit is the lack of a power switch. My old effect units only get powered up when I use them. I guess I’ll need to figure out some sort of power switch for it.

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