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“Stoletov 24″

voltage-cover-sm Collectors capture photons. In my Stoletov Two-Four. Tesla Coil Dynamos. For rapid current flow.Read More

“The Announcement”

voltage-cover-sm InstrumentalRead More


voltage-cover-sm InstrumentalRead More

“The Volt Age”

voltage-cover-sm The wires go through me. The wires go round me. The wires that hold me. The wires frees me. Read More

“Ohm’s Law”

voltage-cover-sm InstrumentalRead More


This is Tic Tok Men music from 2003 and will be on the upcoming release “Return of the 100 Foot Robots”.

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“I Am Energy”

remote-control To say it with magnetics. Read More


remote-control I can program this universe, unless the power fails.Read More

“Techno Love”

remote-control Your love is like a disk drive. Pneumatic Jarvik #5.Read More

“Remote Control”

remote-control My remote control still does my thinking for me.Read More