DOD FX90 analogue delay

The very first delay I owned was the first of the series FX90. I loved that thing until I seduced by the perfectly clean sounds of digital delays. Then I couldn’t get rid of this thing fast enough and replace it with a fancy rack unit. Not long after that I kicked myself because I missed some of the character an analogue delay brings to the table.

Recently I tracked one of these guys down for a fair price (under $100) and added it to my arsenal.

Input impedance = 500 k Ohms
Output impedance = 4.7 k Ohms
Gain = 0 dB
Band Width = 30 Hz to 25 kHz (dry), 30 Hz to 1.3 kHz (delay)

Notable IC chips: one MN3005 4096-stage BBD chip driven by a MN3101 clock generator/driver CMOS chip; one NE570N compander; and one misc op amp tied into the Mix control (early models always used a TL022CP, while later models used a LM1458N, a TL022CP, or a TL062CP)

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