Recording Studio Video Tour

3 comments to Recording Studio Video Tour

  • Michael McMahon  says:

    I love what you have going on there… I d love to a set up like that

  • Raddy  says:

    Great Googly Moogly!

  • Julian  says:

    Great video. A really good run through of your gear. I think your drum space is very nicely positioned back there .. and the server / air exchange space sounds like a good idea!

    Wow, an AX60 and an AX80! Great stuff. However, for mine the real gem is the Fizmo!
    Talking of Ensoniq, you mention in the outboard page (link) you haven’t played around much with the DP4. I highly recommend some time investment in that box.

    I’ll dig around listening to your tracks. Nice to meet you.

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