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Random Percussion Stuff

A list of odds and ends I've picked up over the years. This list is far from complete.Read More

LP CP Traditional Bongos

Dig the hep bongo Daddy-o.

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Luis Conte Congas

I have a Quinto and a Conga – just trying to track down a matching Tumba.

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Self-built Electronic Snare Drum Pad

A little DIY elbow grease and I built an electronic drum pad using a 35mm Piezoelectric element, some fibreglass window screen and a cheap snare drum.Read More

Boss DR-550 MkI Dr. Rhythm

This was used on the project MDS (Main drum sounds)

When I hook this thing into my current MIDI loop it crashes. I think the old boy feels insecure.

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Korg DDD-5 Drum Machine

This machine was used on the album Remote Control (Most main drum sounds)

All my drum machines kind of sit off to the side these days as samplers and sample sets are much easier to use. This was a pretty cool drum machine for it’s day.

Sample rate: 12-bit PCM, 8-polyphonic.
Pitch, Decay, Pan, and Velocity sensitivity can be edited to alter the sound of the 29 stock drum sounds.
7 velocity-sensitive pads.
Polyphony: 12

Acquired: 1987

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Yamaha MR10 Drum Machine

This is a funky little thing. A handful of pre-programed beats, and few pads, and that’s about it. Some of the older Tic Tok Men music used this drum machine.

It’s fun. It goes bomp-she bomp-she bomp-she da-da-da-da.

Acquired: 1982?

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Roland TD-5 Digital Trap Kit

I use the TD-5 for programming “real” drum tracks. It’s one thing to tap out the track on a keyboard but playing the drum tracks with sticks gives the track a more human feel.

With this kit I have 5 single trigger PD-5 Pads, two CY-8 cymbals, one CY-5 cymbal and 1 PD-7 dual trigger pad.

Insert standard information…
The TD-5 is a pro-quality sound module with a huge library of percussion instrument sounds, built-in effects and eight dual-trigger inputs.

210 preset instruments
32 user-editable preset patches
8 dual-trigger inputs for use with PD-7/9 Pads, PD-5 Pads, KD-5/7 Kick Trigger and FD-7 Hi-Hat Controller
Onboard effects processor with reverb
Inputs are well-suited for use with acoustic triggers
Stereo outputs
Full Hi-Hat Nuance CV
Cymbal Choke Capabilities

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