Ibanez DD1000 Dual Digital

I found another old digital delay. This one from the 80’s (if the colour of the knobs are any indication).

This device has two delay circuits which are wired independently to their respective connections on the back of the unit (more on that in a second).

One delay circuit (B) is just a standard delay. The delay times are from 4 to 1024 milliseconds. Time controls are in 4 time blocks with a time sweep knob. Pretty standard for a unit of this age. There is also a effect mix control and a delay repeat control. The other delay circuit (A) has a shorter delay time – 0.5 to 256 milliseconds – with the same style time controls. It also includes modulation and speed controls for flange/chorus type effects.

The jacks on the back of this delay are everything you need and more. Each delay circuit has 1/4″ phono jacks for Input, Dry out, Mix out and Delay out. The “B” delay has an inverted phase Mix Out jack as well. There are also RCA jacks for ins and outs (why not put them in if you have room huh?). Each input has a -20 db / -10 db level selection switch. There are also jacks for foot petals.

The possibilities for this set up are huge. You can chain your two delays in any number of ways using patch cable, use them independently, or configure them as a full stereo delay with “A” as one side and “B” as the other. Pretty cool if you ask me.

My only gripes on the unit is it doesn’t have long and loud delay tails. On its maximum setting the delay tails fade out after 8 or so repeats. It also uses a 9v 200 mA wall wart. Its still a cool unit though.

Acquired 2010

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