Category Interface

MOTU MIDI Express 128

motu-midiexpress-128 The Express 128 provides 8 MIDI IN, 9 MIDI OUT, 128 MIDI channels.Read More

Event Echo Gina20 Audio Interface

Event_Gina20 Just like the Darla, I use this interface on the sampler and softsynth workstations. Read More

Event Echo Darla Audio Interface

Event_Darla I've had this card for a long time and it is still going strong.Read More

Echo Audiofire12 Audio Interface

echo_audiofire12 The AudioFire12 has 12 balanced analog inputs and outputs (TRS), 2 FireWire ports, MIDI I/O, word clock synchronization, and 12 channels of full duplex 24 bit 192kHz recording and playback. Read More

MOTU Microlite 5-in/5-out MIDI interface

motu-microlite I have two of these connected to the main recorder computer. Read More