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compound-02 The song is about working a crime scene. Somewhere in the middle of this, the realization that, while gruesome and horrible, everything around us keeps moving, flowing, and there is a bigger picture we aren't even really a part of. Read More


compound-11 I have a habit of writing love songs that at first glance sound like a love song, but aren't. Read More


euthanasia-screen 01 I wrote this song years ago and it was always on my list to rework. Read More


compound-02 I had originally entered the studio that day to write something with a lot of distortion, grrrrr and yelling - instead I ended up with a mellow, lush, sweeping track. That's how it goes sometimes.Read More


compound-14 A song about getting lost in space, losing communication with Earth then, after several years, with the air supply going out, blowing the ship as a last ditch effort to communicate with ground control. You know, the same old story.Read More

“Idiot Me”

compound-03 This is kind of a quirky little song. I was really sick one day and thought to myself "myself, I should use the fact I can barely speak to this songs advantage."Read More


compound-17 One day the sun will expand into a red giant. Sounds like a good excuse to have a party. Read More


compound-14 So many metaphors, so little time. You get to figure out what this song is about. Read More

“We All Took Pictures”

compound-11 The inspiration for this song came from the line "Eddie always knew how to stop, drop and roll when we lit him on fire."Read More

“Discarded Angels”

compound-18 This song came from an idea I had about a photo shoot.Read More