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Olds Ambassador Trumpet (1960-61)

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1922 Buescher C-Melody saxophone

A C-melody saxophone is an intermediate size between alto and tenor. Altos are in the key of Eb; tenors are in the key of Bb; and C-melodys are in between, in the key of C.

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Acquired: 2006

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1973 R13 Buffet Crampon Bb Clarinet

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Regent Metal Bb Clarinet

I found this crazy thing on ebay for about $60-70. I dropped it by a repair shop and asked how much to restore it. He thought it would make a better lamp than a clarinet but I insisted. I said if all the old horns were turned into lamps we’d have no old playable horns.

I think he took pity on the old thing and charged me a measly $100 to restore it.

It is hard to play, but very solid and has a cool sound – not quite a clarinet and not quite a soprano saxophone.

(The picture above is not my horn – but mine looks just like it)

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