Category Gothic


A song about getting lost in space, losing communication with Earth then, after several years, with the air supply going out, blowing the ship as a last ditch effort to communicate with ground control. You know, the same old story.Read More

“Ghosts of December”

This is the last song for the new album. I'm pleased with the remake on this.Read More

“Party Dress”

This was one of the last Souls In Darkness songs Todd and I worked on together.Read More

“The Moment’s Dead”

I think we were in the right direction with the original so this third (final) version is based on that.Read More

“Gently Eventually Collapsing”

I've got dream machines knocking down buildingsRead More

“Crisis Line”

A remake of our original track with a slightly different sound.Read More


I think the large, slow, distant rumbles mixed with the cellos are quite moving.Read More


Another remake from a 1985 track. I decided to keep most of the original structure and musical phrases.Read More

“New Gods, New Ideas”

It is very mellow and, if I did it right, this song and a cigarette should last the same amount of time.Read More

“You Fear You”

This is remake from something done years ago.Read More