About The Compound Studio

(I apologize. I recently updated the layout of this website and it will take a while to tidy everything up.)

I’m somewhat a gear slut. While I appreciate the elements a few computers and choice software can bring to a studio, there is something about a black metal box covered in buttons, knobs and blinky-blinky lights. Perhaps I could get a cleaner sound out of a zippy computer and a high-end audio interface, but I love sitting in front of a console, a row of knobs and faders in front of me making slight adjustments in mixdown.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those bleeding heart analogists screaming “digital sucks”. I love recording in the digital realm. I hung up reel tapes long ago and never looked back.

The heart of the studio is the Soundtracs Topaz 32:8 Console and three Echo AudioFire 12 firewire interfaces.

The main recording DAW computer is an dual, quad-core Xeon server (8 cores total) with 8 GB RAM running Windows XP 64 bit. The DAW has four hard drives (one is for the OS, one for recording and two drives in a RAID 1 mirror for storage).

My main monitors are the Atom A7. My secondary are JBL 4406 monitors paired with the Hafler P3000 Transnova amp. For reference, I have collected a variety of  other monitors and amps which are connected through a selector switch (I can switch between 2 amps and 6 speaker pair).

I have a small armada of Synthesizers and Synthesizer Modules I’ve collected over the years (I believe there are 35 at last count).  These are connected to the DAW via three MOTU USB MIDI interfaces (one MOTU MIDI Express 128 and two MOTU Microlites).

I also have two dedicated computers for tone generation – the Metatron V and Metatron VI – which I use with software synthesizers and samplers.  Both these systems have 8 analogue outputs (V uses the Event Darla and VI uses the Echo Gina20).  The Metatron receive their MIDI signals from the Echo Audiofire12.

For ease of routing, all my synths and outboard are wired to patchbays in the wall. All of my console inputs and inserts are also wired to patchbays. At this point I can pretty much route anything anywhere with a patch cable.

The categories to the right list most of the equipment I’m currently using. There is also a quick and dirty video tour for those interested.

4 comments to About The Compound Studio

  • Simon73  says:

    holy crap!

  • Simon73  says:

    is this a professional studio or just personal?

  • Seven Graylands  says:

    Simon: This is my personal studio.

  • Sheldon Lavineway  says:

    Hi, seen your ad on bandmix and I’m curious. I have writing different music than what the band I’m in. And have been looking for a second project. If you would like a sample of what I’m doing, email me and I will send one and maybe we can talk. I’m in a rock band called The Fall Of Day, if your curious.

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