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“Stoletov 24”

Collectors capture photons. In my Stoletov Two-Four. Tesla Coil Dynamos. For rapid current flow.Read More

“The Announcement”

InstrumentalRead More


InstrumentalRead More

“The Volt Age”

The wires go through me. The wires go round me. The wires that hold me. The wires frees me. Read More

“Ohm’s Law”

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This is Tic Tok Men music from 2003 and will be on the upcoming release “Return of the 100 Foot Robots”.

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“I Am Energy”

To say it with magnetics. Read More


I can program this universe, unless the power fails.Read More

“Techno Love”

Your love is like a disk drive. Pneumatic Jarvik #5.Read More

“Remote Control”

My remote control still does my thinking for me.Read More