JBL/UREI 7110 Limiter / Compressor

From the manual…
The JBL/UREI 7110 Limiter/Compressor is built in the tradition that has made UREI limiter/compressors the audio professionals’ choice world-wide. Incorporating both peak and average gain reduction detectors in a single rack space size, the Model 7110 is equally at home in the small recording studio, the sound contractor’s rack, portable sound systems, broadcasting studios or anywhere audio levels need to be automatically controlled.

The 7110 offers new smooth sounding Smart-Slope compression ratios adjustable from 1.5: 1 thru infinity: 1 and permits independent settings for limiting threshold, attack and release times, and output level. Additionally, the gain control action can be continuously varied between either peak or average detectors, giving the user a choice of either mode, or a mix of both, for versatility. Simple set-up is accomplished with a single Automatic Preset pushbutton that engages a program dependent variable attack and release circuit and fixes the compression ratio and peak/average blend controls to critically accepted settings. A simple link function, selected from the front panel, is provided for multiple channel limiting.

The JBL/UREI 7110 features an active balanced input with enough threshold range to provide full limiting action with input signals down to -20 dBm. Bright high resolution LED displays indicate gain reduction and either input or output levels. The output display’s zero reference is adjustable from -10 dBm to f8 dBm. The unbalanced output is capable of + 22 dBm into 600 ohms; an optional output transformer accessory is available. The 7110 automatically bypasses itself, connecting the input directly to the output, when power is off.

Acquired: 2008

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