Lexicon ALEX Digital Effects Processor

I found an old Lexicon ALEX on Craigslist for $50. A few email back and forth and the guy realized he might have been a little low in his price. I was fine with paying $75 for it.

This unit was pretty rough, but most of it was caked on grime. It cleaned up well. The overall sound is pretty good actually. It is quiet and the reverbs are typical – nothing awe inspiring but not crap either. The plate reverbs are kind of nice.

Reverb times for the large hall are .60 sec – 8.9 sec. Delay times are 24ms – 1500ms.

The image above I got from the manual. Mine looks a little different. The “ALEX” logo is on the right instead of the left. They must have made a couple different versions of this effect.

Reinitialize the ALEX:
-Power down unit.
-Press and hold down STORE/CLEAR and PARAMETER button.
-Hold buttons down while powering up.
-When a “d” appears in the display, release buttons.
-Press PRESET REGISTER button once.
-Turn Program Knob until a “F” appears in the display.
-Press PRESET REGISTER button once.
-When “F” reappears turn program knob until the #”9″ appears.
-Press PRESET REGISTER button once.
-When the number “10” appears unit is in normal running mode.

Frequency response:
Wet 20Hz-15kHz, +1dB to -3dB
Dry 20Hz-20kHz, +0.5dB

Wet <0.05% @ 1kHz Dry <0.025% @ 1kHz Dynamic Range 85dB, typical, 20Hz-20kHz bandwidth Conversion: 16 bit linear PCM encoding; 31.25kHz sampling rate Power Requirements: 9VAC, 1A Audio Inputs (2): Level -30dBu minimum Impedance: stereo/50 kΩ unbalanced / mono/25 kΩ unbalanced Audio Outputs (2): Level -2dBu nominal +8dBu maximum Impedance 600Ω unbalanced

Acquired 2011

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