dbx 563X “The Silencer” Noise Reduction

I didn’t really seek out this little half-rack unit. It found me. the fellow who was selling the ADA Delay had this for sale as well. I got it for $20. I wasn’t really interested in it but I figured if anything I could reuse the box. I’ll give it a shot one day in the studio and see how it goes.

I don’t have a picture of this thing, but I found a funky line drawing of it in the manual.

From the manual:
The 563X Silencer contains one channel of single-ended, one step noise reduction for sources that have a continuous, unchanging hiss “floor”. For cleaning up program signals over this background noise, this very fast sliding-filter design is generally unobtrusive and remarkably effective, whether the his is a little or a lot.

Filter: 2nd-order, minimum phase design topology. Operates 1.3-38kHz depending on setting

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz +/-1.5 db on high-level pink noise

Acquired: 2010

One comment to dbx 563X “The Silencer” Noise Reduction

  • Shawn`  says:

    Im interested,How much are you asking?

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