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sidewalk I was just letting my thoughts wander on the piano.Read More


sidewalk A breakup songRead More

“What’s That You Said?”

sidewalk As I was working on the piano solo I started goofing around and playing riffs from Joe Jackson's song "Cancer".Read More

“9th Street”

sidewalk Instrumental jazz-like piece. Read More


sidewalk Instrumental jazz-like piece. Read More

“Wrong People”

sidewalk The events in this song are true. Just the names have changed (mostly because I never knew the names of most the subjects involved).Read More

“Roof Sleeping”

sidewalk Instrumental jazz-like pieceRead More


sidewalk Instrumental piece with clarinet and piano.Read More

“Thinking of You”

sidewalk There I was, one day, just thinking of you.Read More

“Hey Hey Hey”

sidewalk I don't really like this song.Read More