Korg EX8000 Synthesizer Module

This synth was used on the song New Gods, New Ideas (The synth in the intro)

This is the rackmount version of the DW-8000, a hybrid digital/analog poly synth (except the EX-8000 does not have the arpeggiator). This is quickly becoming one of my favourite synths at the moment.

The machine was a bit dirty when I bought it. I cracked it open and gave it a cleaning.

The Korg EX-8000 guts

Acquired: 2008

One comment to Korg EX8000 Synthesizer Module

  • Murdock Scott  says:

    Had a DW-8000 for years while playing live and replaced it with an EX-8000 during a “space issues purge”. I could only afford to live in questionable neighborhoods so I built a giant locking cabinet for my whole studio or later hid my rig in walk-in closets that I could secure. luckily the EX-8000 was essentially the same instrument and never let me down. I used them on nearly everything for a long time. My EX-8000 is another piece I will never sell.

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