Kurzweil Micro Piano Module

This synth was used on the song Closure (Piano sound)

This was a great little piano module when it came out. The strings are limited but actually pretty good.

The Kurzweil Micro Piano was the piano in What’s That You Said?

The DEMO Sequence: To hear some of the capabilities of the Micro Piano, try listening to the DEMO sequence. This can be done by selecting CHANNEL mode and turning the Data knob past 16. The display will look like this “dEn” and the DEMO will play. Fun times.

32 Presets provide full keyboard programs and various combinations of sampled sounds:
-7 (grand) pianos
-10 electric pianos
-5 organs
-6 strings
-4 combinations

Sixteen different combinations of Reverb & Chorus
Linkable to another Micro Piano for full 64-note polyphony
Half rack
MIDI In/Thru.
Stereo outputs (2 x ¼” mono jacks)
External PSU: 9V AC, 1A

Micro Piano Programs
1: Classical Piano, solo tuning (beat-tuned)
2: Stage Piano, solo tuning (beat-tuned)
3: Classical Piano, ensemble tuning (440-tuned)
4: Stage Piano, ensemble tuning (440-tuned)
5: Bright Piano
6: Sustain Piano
7: Stage Piano & Strings
8: Piano & String Pad
9: Tack Piano
10: Bright Electric Grand
11: Tight Electric Grand
12: Warm Electric Grand
13: Digital Electric Grand
14: Classic Electric Piano
15: Digital Electric Piano
16: Dyno-Electric Piano
17: Hard Dyno-Electric Piano
18: Stereo Hard Electric Piano
19: Stereo Tremolo Digital Electric Piano
20: Digital Electric Piano & String Pad
21: Rock Organ 1
22: Rock Organ 2
23: Percussion Organ
24: Ballad Organ 1
25: Ballad Organ 2
26: Organ & Piano
27: Fast Strings 1
28: Fast Strings 2
29: Touch Strings
30: Stereo Slow Strings
31: Stereo Slow String Pad
32: Slow Digital Pad

Micro Piano Effects
0: No Effect
1: Room
2: Bright Room
3: Stage
4: Bright Stage
5: Hall
6: Bright Hall
7: Large Hall
8: Large Bright Hall
9: Chorus
10: Room + Chorus
11: Bright Room + Chorus
12: Stage + Chorus
13: Bright Stage + Chorus
14: Hall + Chorus
15: Bright Hall + Chorus
16: Deep Space
17-127: Prg (default effect for program)

Acquired: 1998?

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