Roland S-330 Sampler

This synth was used on the song The Best Is Yet To Come (Voice choir sound)

I wanted the S-50 when they first came out. The monitor, tablet and mouse features were the bees knees at the time. I ended up getting the S-330 first, then this S-550, and then even later I stumbled on a S-50. By the time I bought the S-50, it was sort of old hat. I think I got it for the sake of finally owning one. I rarely use the S-550 or S-330 anymore.

All three units share the same 12-bit samples.

The monitor output is a damn cool feature and I wish other keyboards included this for editing.

Specs? We don’t need no stinking Specs….
Polyphony – 16 voices
Sampler – 12-bit, 30kHz, variable
Multitimbral – 4-parts, 4 outputs
Memory – 1500kb, 46 seconds total sample time
Filter – Hi-pass, Low-pass digital filters
Acquired: 1992

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