Novation A-Station Synthesizer Module

I wasn’t looking for a new synth when I found/bought this one. It showed up at a fair price and, well, I nabbed it. What can I say? I’m weak. I have a problem. I might even need some form of intervention.

After a couple minutes on this machine I think it will rise on my list of devices that will get a lot of use. The fellow I bought it from said it’s been a staple in his rig for a few years. I can understand why. It’s easy to program, sounds good, and has a great personality.

Jelly filled specy goodness..

  • Eight-note polyphony.
  • Three oscillators featuring variable pulse, sawtooth, sine and triangle waveforms.
  • Oscillator FM and sync plus a ring modulator and noise generator.
  • Low-pass filter, switchable into 12 or 24dB-per-octave operation.
  • Two LFOs with four waveforms and delay.
  • Two main envelopes plus an FM envelope.
  • An effects section featuring simultaneous reverb, stereo delay, stereo chorus (or phaser), distortion, auto-panning, EQ and vocoder.
  • External audio processing either through the filter or direct to the effects.
  • Arpeggiator with six patterns.
  • 400 onboard patch locations.
  • Extensive MIDI clock sync (for the LFOs, arpeggiator, and various effects parameters) and a good MIDI spec.

Acquired: 2008

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