Red Sound Darkstar Synthesizer Module

A gritty little synth. I guess there is a vocorder add on for this (which I don’t have, but want). This doesn’t get much use at the moment because I don’t have space in the studio for desktop synths.

This synth gets bonus points for not only sounding cool, but LOOKING cool. Not nearly enough blinky lights though.

Tech Notes:
RE-LOAD ALL 64 FACTORY PRESETS: Ensure power is switched OFF. Press and hold down the [PROGRAM] button and then turn power on. The main display will show ‘SURE’ to prompt confirmation of the load. Press the MENU [EDIT] button marked ‘VALUE +’’ to confirm the operation (‘LOAD’ appears briefly in display).

Insert general specs…
Polyphony: 8 Voices

Multitibral: 5 Parts

Each part features: Level, Transpose and Note range setting. Tremolo effect modulated from one LFO. Pan effect modulated from one LFO or Envelope.

Voice Specification: 2 Oscillators

Each continuously variable between Sawtooth and square/pulse output.
Each can be de-tuned and can be modulated by one of the envelopes/LFOs.
For each the pulse width can be varied and modulated by one of the envelopes/LFOs.
Oscillator 2 can be transposed 5, 7, 12, 16, 17, 19 or 24 semitones.
Oscillator 2 can be switched between: Normal, Formant wave, Pink noise, White noise, Blue noise, Input 1,Input 2.

Mixer: X/Y Joystick (X axis = oscillator mix, Y axis = Ring Modulation)

Filter: 12dB per octave resonant

The cut-off frequency can be modulated by the and set to track the keyboard.
The resonance can be varied and modulated by one of the envelopes or LFOs.
The output can be switched between off, low pass, band pass and high pass.

Envelopes: 2 x ADSR envelopes, each of which can be set to respond to key velocity

LFOs: 2 x LFOs, each with a separate speed and delay control.

Each LFO can be set to output one of the following waveforms: Ramp, Triangle, Square, Sine, Pulse, Sample & Hold, Random.
Each can be set to key sync.
Each can be synced to incoming MIDI clock.

Triggering/Portamento: Note triggering can be normal or autoglide

MIDI: Note ON/OFF, Velocity, Pitch bend, Mod wheel / aftertouch (assignable), Program change, Sustain pedal, most parameter controls, System exclusive.

Power Supply: External (9vDC, 800mA minimum). Centre pin positive.

Acquired: 2004

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