Roland U-110 Sample-playback Module

If you ever feel the need to use samples from the Roland S-series samplers, the U-110 is a better replacement. It contains most of the same samples but you avoid having to wait to boot from a floppy.

I would use the funky sounds of this machine more if it remembered previous setups (sound and MIDI assignments). I wonder if the backup battery is dead on mine?

Tech Notes:
Factory Defaults: Turn on the unit while pressing simultaneously “PART” and “EDIT”.

Acquired: 2007

2 comments to Roland U-110 Sample-playback Module

  • Murdock Scott  says:

    I had one for a while, but I eventually purchased a XV-5080 so I don’t really miss it. I am not much of a rompler guy anyway, but its nice to have access to so many standard sounds quickly.

  • Seven Graylands  says:

    I found this thing dirt cheap and most of the sounds in it are from the S Series samplers. There are a couple of sounds I liked from that series, so I figured the rack mount would be around longer than my S Series. Funny thing though, I only powered this thing on a couple times and never used it in a song. Makes for a nice rack spacer though. LOL.

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