Yamaha DX7 mkI FM Synthesizer

A classic. This is the first version of the DX-7. I bought this in 2007 from a fellow who bought it new back in the day. He took fantastic care of it. When I bought it he still had the original box, manuals, and other stuff. This synth is museum quality.

Of course, no matter how pretty and clean, it still sounds like a DX-7.

This is where the specs live…
Polyphony – 16 Voices
Oscillators – 16 bit Digital 6 operator FM.
#Instruments – (1) Monotimbral
LFO – Sine/Square/Tri/SAW up/SAW Down/Random
VCA – 6 Envelope generators 8 parameters each
Keyboard – 61 keys (w/ velocity and aftertouch)
Memory – 32 Patches

Acquired: 2007

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