Alesis ION Synthesizer

This synth was used on the song Fade (Low grumbling sound)

I don’t have many comments to add at this point as I just picked this machine up. After spending a couple hours on it I will say this synth will get a lot of use. Easy to program, nice sounds. I like it.

Insert stolen specs..

  • Polyphony – 8 voices (4-part multitimbral)
  • Oscillators – Alesis proprietary DSP Analog Modeling: 3 oscillators per voice (Sine, Square-Pulse, Saw-Triangle).
  • Filter – 2 multi-mode filters with 16 filter types.
  • Envelopes – 3 EGs: Pitch/Mod, Filter, and the Amp have their own ADSR envelopes.
  • LFO – 2 multi-wave LFOs and 1 S&H. Ring Modulator. FM. hard&soft OSC sync.
  • Effects – 4 Individual Mono/Stereo Insert Effects and Stereo Master Multi-FX Processor (80ms slapback delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, distortion, fuzz, compression, limiter) and built-in 40-band Vocoder.
  • Keyboard – 49 keys (velocity, release velocity sensitive).
  • Memory – 512 Patches, 64 Multi-timbral Setups.
  • Arpeg/Seq – Arpeggiator: MIDI-sync-able multiple-pattern plus *random* feature.
  • Real-Time Controllers – 30 360-degree Parameter Knobs, 2 Assignable Modulation Wheels, Assignable Pitch Wheel.
  • Control – MIDI (4-part multitimbral) IN/OUT/THRU
  • Date Produced – 2003

Acquired: 2009

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