Korg Wavestation EX Synthesizer

A Korg classic. Along the same lines as a Roland D-50. It can be cheezy or you can program your own sounds and it can become quite expressive. I’m a big fan of this synth outside of the crappy little display.

Spec-tabulus information below…

  • Sound sources: Advanced Vector Synthesis
  • Voices: 32 Voices, 32 Oscillators
  • Keyboard: 61 Keys, halfweighted with aftertouch and velocity
  • Effects: 2 Mastereffects, 47 Programs available
  • Presets: 150 Performances internal + 50 on card, 105 patches + 35 on card
  • Controllers: Joystick, pitch wheel, modulation wheel, 2 programmable foot pedals/triggers
  • Outputs: 1/L/MONO, 2/R, 3, 4, phones
  • Display: 64 x 240 pixels
  • Weight: 12,5 KG
  • Measurements: 1000 mm (W) x 350 mm (D) x 110 mm (H)

Acquired: 1987

One comment to Korg Wavestation EX Synthesizer

  • Murdock Scott  says:

    I only have a Wavestation-SR in hardware but I purchased the software emulation that Korg did and Its not bad. Wavestations CAN sound phenomenal and may be the second best looking keyboard ever made… but your right, the tiny display was a downer.

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