Yamaha DX11 Synthesizer

My friend came over to my house with this DX11 under his arm. He said it had some issues, he tried to fix it, but couldn’t. He said something like “I figured if anyone could get it going, you could. If it works, have fun. If not, TURF IT”.

So,. I threw it on my bench, did a little this, did a little that, and got it running. The first synth of 2010 for me.

Specy, specy goodness…
Polyphony – 8 voices
Oscillators – 4-Operator Digital FM synthesizer
LFO – Yes
Effects – reverb, DDL delay, pan and tremolo
Keyboard – 61 Keys (velocity and aftertouch)
Control – MIDI IN/OUT/THRU (8-part multitimbral)
Date Produced – 1988

Acquired: 2010

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