Kurzweil PC-88 MIDI controller / Piano

This synth was used on the song What’s That You Said? (Bass sound)

A big, heavy beast. Solid and well build. The Kurzweil piano sounds and the action of a real piano sold me on this unit. Little did I know I’d use some of the other sounds as well. The jazz bass sounds are quite nice.

Look Ma,. mo’ specs.
88-note, two-piece weighted keyboard with mono pressure.


  • Pitch wheel,
  • modulation wheel,
  • 4 front panel sliders,
  • 3 front panel switches (momentary or toggle, software selectable),
  • 4 continuous control pedal inputs,
  • 2 footswitch inputs,
  • mono pressure.

MIDI: Transmits on 4 channels, Receives on 16 channels. In, Out, Thru (hardware switchable to copy of MIDI Out).
Max Polyphony: 64, dynamically allocated.

Acquired: 1998

One comment to Kurzweil PC-88 MIDI controller / Piano

  • morata  says:

    I’ve a KURZWEIL PC 88MX and don’t find the trumpets, all horns. Somebody can help me. Thanks a lot
    best regard

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