Akai AX-80 Synthesizer

This lovely device has been well cared for over the years. Not quite like my DX7, but a close second. There is nothing like acquiring a 20+ year old machine that looks factory fresh.

This synth is a joy to program. The readout matched with the control knob is as easy to dial in a sound as an array of sliders.

Insert boring specs..
Polyphony – 8 Voices
Oscillators – 2 per voice plus Sub Oscillator
Memory – 64 user, 32 preset
VCA – 8 ADSRs (1 per voice)
Keyboard – 61 velocity sensitive keys

Acquired: 2008

2 comments to Akai AX-80 Synthesizer

  • Murdock Scott  says:

    Oh wow! you have an AX-80 also! Gotta love these beasts. I did live shows with one for many years and it was soooo heavy. Still I loved it and never should have sold my original unit. The one I have now is beautiful however so it worked out.

  • Seven Graylands  says:

    This was one of those synths which was really hard to track down. I ran across a couple but they were trashed. Found one up in Vancouver BC that looked factory fresh and in fantastic shape. Even though I prefer sliders and knobs, this this is great fun to program. I don’t use it nearly as much as I should. Lately for standard poly-synth sounds I’ve been going to the Juno 6. I need to make a mental note to use this one more.

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