Song Notes:
This is one of those songs. I had an idea, I went to the studio, and what I recorded is what I heard in my head – but I think it came out better. I’m really pleased with this song, which is strange for me because I’m normally overly critical about what I write.

The song is about working a crime scene. Somewhere in the middle of this, the realization that, while gruesome and horrible, everything around us keeps moving, flowing, and there is a bigger picture we aren’t even really a part of.

Copyright 2014: Seven Graylands


Next to the water
As the clouds came in
They found another
She was face down again
Bound and tied the violence showed
Though it happened long ago
This green river still flows

The ground opens wide
Reveals the secrets
She was holding on to so tight
We dig through the night
Evidence of crimes below
If there was a motive we may never know
And this green river flows

Meanwhile above us
Something caught our eye
And just for a moment
It streaked across the sky
Where it landed no one knows
Up in the mountains
I suppose
And this green river still flows

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