“Heart Attack”

A little something for Tape-Op Refugees

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Heart Attack
Copyright Seven Graylands 2010

You say we’re a perfect fit
You like the things that make a porn girl quit
And you say
It’s the flesh and it’s the skin
You don’t know but I’m a physical sin

You say you can see my eyes
You can see them moving up your thighs
And you say
Sex and lust and a double life
This back alley and a moonless night
You say
The heat of summer
It burns you up
It makes you want another
And you sweat
You pray with your mouth on mine
I’ll kick you down and fuck you like a sex crime

Your love is like a heart attack
Well it’s as serious as a heart attack

You say you won’t tell me lies
You like a ball gag and tear stained eyes
And you say
Latex, chains and filthy sex
You want my leather gloves around your neck
And you say
Turn on the red light
It makes you feel right
It makes it feel so wrong
You say shut up and stop the gabbin
Rip off the clothes because you’re ready for a stabbing

Your love its like a heart attack
It’s as serious as a heart attack

You say that we’re two of a kind
I’ll fuck you hard like I fuck with your mind
And you say
I’m a slut
And I’m your whore
Bend me over and give me some more

Your love its like a heart attack
It’s as serious as a heart attack
Your love is like that baby
Your love is like a fucking heart attack

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