“Discarded Angels”

Track Notes:
This song came from an idea I had about a photo shoot (and some day I might actually take the photos).

Of all the songs I’ve written in the last few years, I think I’m the most pleased with this one. I wanted to experiment with long pauses, where I stop playing for a moment and let notes die out. I juxtaposed this with unusual tonal structures built with wandering phrases and no real musical hook. It was like deconstructing jazz and rock, then pasting it randomly together. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Very straight forward recording. One upright bass, one muted trumpet, one sax, a main vocal, a backup vocal, and a drum line.

I wanted to vocals to be very intimate so I recorded with the mic quite hot and I didn’t sing very loud. It’s pretty hard to control “s” and “t” sounds recording like this – but thanks to volume automation, I got it under control.

Copyright 2012: Seven Graylands

So a brand new day
Never finding shelter
You’ve hidden from the world
Your shaking hands

And with a sky so blue
Everything around you turns to gray
Your time has fallen through
You cover up your head and join discarded angels

And if the sun shines
I’ll feel it on my shoulders
I’ll carry it to you
And keep you warm

They ask for life again
Covering their ears from what we say
They turn their backs and then
Never open up their eyes to see discarded angels

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