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compound-07 This song was really written around the phrase "neon Mother Teresa" - coined by Kate about our friend Christina during a music video shoot.Read More


compound-10 One of the lines from the original was "If I found the world hanging from a noose I think I'd turn and walk away". I always liked that line and wanted to do something with it - so I built a new song around it.Read More

“Ghosts of December”

compound-02 This is the last song for the new album. I'm pleased with the remake on this.Read More

“Party Dress”

compound-13 This was one of the last Souls In Darkness songs Todd and I worked on together.Read More

“The Moment’s Dead”

compound-01 I think we were in the right direction with the original so this third (final) version is based on that.Read More

“Gently Eventually Collapsing”

compound-20 I've got dream machines knocking down buildingsRead More

“Crisis Line”

compound-05 A remake of our original track with a slightly different sound.Read More


compound-03 I think the large, slow, distant rumbles mixed with the cellos are quite moving.Read More

“The Chair”

titled-untitled Spoken Word piece from Titled:Untitled.Read More

“Stoletov 24″

voltage-cover-sm Collectors capture photons. In my Stoletov Two-Four. Tesla Coil Dynamos. For rapid current flow.Read More