Track Notes:
I didn’t change this track very much except a slight musical phrase here and there. Lyrics and vocal line is pretty much the same as the original. I had thought of expanding it and doing a large production but after I put down the basic tracks I think I liked the simplicity of it all. So,.. I left it alone.

The large boom sounds originally were noise crashes on the Moog. This time I created a bunch of different booms by mixing thunder, explosions and other things together. Some thunder sounds were slowed down an octave or two and layered under other things that went boom. I think the large, slow, distant rumbles mixed with the cellos are quite moving.

There is one piano through the ADA 2.56i delay.

There is a track of cellos, one track of french horns, one track of violas, and one clarinet track.

The vocal track in the song is my original scratch track. I will often record a basic rough vocal to see how it fits with the rest of the music. When it came time to record the actual vocals I gave it a couple tries but I really liked how the scratch vocals sounded. I left those as the main and very lightly mixed in a second vocal track behind it to fill it out a little.

Copyright 1984-2011: Graylands/Nelson

Eyes and tears
Dark stained years
You can try to deny the rotting of time
Can you flatter some with names?
You grow fatter
Succumb to the flame
Shuffle through the days
Not knowing when it rains
Just another crock
Another in the flock
Maimed and raped
Guess I should use I
How time flies when you’re on the run
Under the gun
The wanting of the fun
The scars

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