Track Notes:
This was always one of my favourites of the old SIDS songs. It seemed fitting to have it be one of the first to be reworked.

What I really love about this song are the lyrics. It actually has nothing to do with the weather. I think it is a brilliant piece of writing by Todd.

There are three drum lines. Two tom tracks and one timpani track. There is one large gong and a bell track (never used the bells in a song before).

The large crash sound is a sample of the large sheet metal used in orchestras (and old radio shows) for thunder sounds. There are also a couple of real thunder sounds mixed in for good measure.

There are violins, violas, cellos, a horn section, and a woodwind section. All together I think there were 14-16 tracks dedicated to “the orchestra”.

The choir section in the middle is 4 tracks of me going “ahhh” from different mic positions.

The main vocals are two vocal lines layered together.

Copyright 1984-2011: Graylands/Nelson

You feel the cold wind
And it cuts right through you
It brings a message
And you know that it’s true
Clouds black out your sky
And you know that old fear
You don’t have to ask why
As the storm draws near

Caught in the fury
Caught in the storm
Caught in the fury
Caught in the storm

It’s gone on for years now
And there’s no end in sight
Water off your brow
Won’t you come out tonight
Won’t you die tonight

Caught in the fury
Caught in the storm
Caught in the fury
Caught in the storm

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