“You Fear You”


Track Notes:
This is remake from something done years ago. The original contained noises and shouts Todd and I made at Gasworks Park. I found the original recordings of these sounds and was able to clean them up and include them in the remake.

Copyright 1984-2011: Graylands/Nelson

Ask youself
What you really fear
Is it something you don’t know?
Or something that’s too near?
How do you feel?
The most ancient desire
Dark, sweet smile
Sing of Jesus death in choir
You fear you
Do not know you
When you’re alone
It is here you can not hide
Brought damnation
Of the old ways
Knowing it’s over
Here you will stay
Fear you will stay

3 comments to “You Fear You”

  • Brian Horst  says:

    is that the tape that the Petrol Lizards did at Gasworks, or did you go another time?

  • Brian Horst  says:

    doooom and glooooooooom and thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings that bum me ooooooooooouuuut

  • admin  says:

    That was another time. We actually used to go there a lot with a tape recorder.

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