Roland MKS-30 “Planet S” Synthesizer Module

Roland MKS-30 “Planet S” Synthesizer is often called the Roland JX-3P in a box. Sadly they also share the 80017A chips that live in the Juno 106. This means eventually they will go faulty on you.

A fellow was selling it and because it had a bad 80017A… I got it cheap, tried to fix the modules, and found one was actually quite bad. Like dead.

I planned to replace it but realized I already had several of these types of synths – so I sold it in what I am now calling The Great Equipment Purge of 2013.

X-ray Specs..
Polyphony – 6 voices
Oscillators – 2 DCO’s (digitally controlled oscillators)
Filter – cutoff / resonance / envelope amount / key follow
VCA – 1 ADSR envelope generator
Memory – 64 internal / 64 cartridge
Control – MIDI
Circa 1983

Acquired 2011

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