Roland D-10 Synthesizer

The Roland D-10 is pretty much the little dorky brother of the Roland D-50. Roland tried to cram a lessor D-50 into the D-10 but also include some added, useless features.

I found mine for a steal at a 2nd hand shop who didn’t realize replacing the connected power cord would be an easy affair.

It had been sitting on my tech bench for years to use for the MIDI connectors. I decided to sell it in the Great Equipment Purge of 2013.

Overall, if you can find one for under $100, I say buy it.

Yummy specs…
Polyphony – 32 voices
Oscillators – Digital LA (Linear Arithmetic) & ROM Samples
Effects – 8 Effects
Multitimbral – 9 parts
Drums – 1 kit, 63 sounds
Memory – 128 internal & 128 external patches, 64 performances
Keyboard – 61 note with velocity sensitivity

Acquired: 2000?

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