MOTU 828 mkii

The 828 MkII features eight analogue inputs on balanced jacks, 10 analogue outputs on balanced jacks and two combi jack/XLR mic/line/instrument connectors (with individually switchable phantom power), which are on the front panel for easy access. Insert send jacks for these two channels are fitted to the rear panel, and any free outs or ins can be used as aux sends and returns. Gold-plated connector contacts are used throughout and the converters are 24-bit, 64x oversampling with 96kHz capability. The analogue input jacks can be individually switched to either +4dBu or -10dBv sensitivity and up to 6dB of additional digital gain is available if needed.

This was a pretty good interface and it gave me years of service. When I bought the two new Audiofire 12’s I wanted to keep this around and use it for the output in my Gigasampler computer. Gigasampler didn’t like the MIDI devices on this interface for some reason (I’d guess because Gigasampler is semi-retarded). I then planned to move this back to the recorder and use it for a few extra in/outs. The problem was I couldn’t sync audio with my Audiofire’s.

After a few days of grumbling, I decided to sell it.

Acquired: 2004 / Retired 2010

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