Atari 1040 ST Computer

Coupled with Edit Tracs Gold, this was a sweet machine for sequencing. Of course this got pushed out for newer, faster computers. For those of you STILL working on the Atari (I know you’re out there), time to upgrade. It WAS cool, now it’s just sad.

3 comments to Atari 1040 ST Computer

  • Jason  says:

    The Atari 1040 ST IS NOT SAD!!! Still beautiful and cool!!! Proof: The new laptops have now a numeric keypad on the right.This Atari had it already since the 80s:-)))) I own a lot of nice synths.Enter ‘360 DEGREE TOUR JASON BASSON’. Have fun with your soft synths which you can’t even touch with your hands…

  • Jason  says:

    Enter ‘360 DEGREE TOUR JASON BASSON’ on You Tube:-)

  • Seven Graylands  says:

    Jason, I think by poking around on this site you’ll see a complete LACK of soft synths. 😉

    I loved my Atari and I used it well beyond its expiration date. But I gladly trade it for combined MIDI and audio recording, super fast processing, 10k RPM drives for recording, RAID array as secondary drives in the DAW and the ability to replicate data quickly across the network for storage and backups.

    As a retro novelty, they’re great. But I’ll spend my working time on current technology and just remembering the ST fondly.

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