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Kawai K3m Synthesizer Module

This synth was used on the song Arecebo (bass sound)

This is a great synth for percussive and bass sounds. In fact, bass sounds is where this unit shines. Punchy, low frequency, bass sounds.

It is a bit of a bitch to program, but once you get the hang of it, it isn’t bad. If this unit came with sliders and knobs for every element, you’ve have an instant classic.

In any case, I like this synth so much, I own two of them.

Acquired: 1989 and 2007

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Akai AX-80 Synthesizer

This lovely device has been well cared for over the years. Not quite like my DX7, but a close second. There is nothing like acquiring a 20+ year old machine that looks factory fresh.

This synth is a joy to program. The readout matched with the control knob is as easy to dial in a sound as an array of sliders.

Insert boring specs..
Polyphony – 8 Voices
Oscillators – 2 per voice plus Sub Oscillator
Memory – 64 user, 32 preset
VCA – 8 ADSRs (1 per voice)
Keyboard – 61 velocity sensitive keys

Acquired: 2008

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