Modular Synthesizer

My modular synthesizer currently contains the following modules.

Q104 – MIDI Interface x 1
Q106 – Oscillator (VCO) x 2
Q107 – Filter (VCF) x 1
Q108 – Amplifier (VCA) x 1
Q109 – Envelope Generator x 2
Q110 – Noise Source x 1
Q113 – Mixer 8-Channel x 1
Q124 – Multiples x 1
Q137 – Power Control and Interface x 1
Q150 – Ladder Filter (VCF) x 1
QPS1 – Power Supply

I’ve mounted the modules in two rack mount frames. The power supply and Q137 power control module is mounted in a 4 unit rack mounted case.

I’m in love with this little modular synth. I’m already planning a third frame of modules which will bring it fairly close to the Rack-24 synth.

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