“I Am Energy”

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This song is available on the album Acquisition by The Tic Tok Men.

Restored Tic Tok Men from the 80s.


Copyright © 1989 S. Graylands, A. Kroft & The Tic Tok Men

I can see this very close
I can see it coming near
I can compute this logic
When I plug it in and converge
To say it with magnetics
The exact binary
But never see the codes
Except what’s on the screen

The law in my mind
The law is in my hands
I command this how I wish
With a flip of the switch
I never even wonder
I never stop to care
My reality is about me
My reality is on the screen

I am Energy

Power is all around me
It’s much too simple now
I’m thinking in a circuit
Like I’ve always done
Not like electron guidance
My atoms never merge
I always move in patterns
Just like what’s on the screen

I am Energy

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