“The Breathing Pool”


Track Notes:
Based on a true story: Walther Henry woke and found himself submerged in a large pool of gray, breathable liquid. Outside the pool he could see several figures moving about. Scared, he kept himself very still. He waited and watched for hours until the beings left. Walther climbed out of the pool and ran down several long hallways, then through a small door. Outside, he found himself in a wooded area. He continued to run. Just as he approached a nearby road he felt his body surging with electricity, then nothing. He awoke to find himself back in the liquid.

Days later he was discovered naked and unconscious by several children who were playing in the woods near their home.

In all, Walther had been missing for five days. When questioned on his whereabouts, he recounts his tale of The Breathing Pool.

Copyright Seven Graylands/The Tic Tok Men 2000


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This song is available on the album Arecebo by The Tic Tok Men

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