“This is WAR”


This is WAR

Wake up!
Wake up watch your town go down in flame
We’ll carpet bomb cities to kill and maim
Our bullets ripped out half a childs spine
And they say “how are you today sir?”
I’m just fine

This is war!

We censor the truth and fabricate lies
Propaganda machine on the rise
We don’t need a reason
We just take it
And our life is good and your life is shit

This is War!

Wake up! Is this what you want? Well, come and get it!

The Corporate money bought the government seat
Rejecters are gunned down in the street
And our profits rise: human losses are great
The Corporation owns you
It’s too late

This is War!

Is this what you want? Come and get it!

Copyright Seven Graylands/The Tic Tok Men 2001

Availability: Out of print.
Licensing: ASCAP (Title Code – 321088873)

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