“Shortwave Radio / Nothing”


Shortwave Radio / Nothing

My shortwave radio
My radio’s my phone
I’m talking but I’m all alone
Friendly voices
Without faces
Speaking to friendlies
After the fall
In my bomb shelter
I swear I could have felt her
On my radio
My shortwave radio
Alone in my doom
My joy in my room
My radio’s my friend
It’s here until the end

Copyright Seven Graylands, Todd Nelson, The Tic Tok Men 1985-2001

Availability: Out of print.
Licensing: ASCAP (Title Code – 321088873)

3 comments to “Shortwave Radio / Nothing”

  • Brian Horst  says:

    why have i never heard this?

  • Jenny E  says:

    I like this!
    I had a dream last night, being óne of the ones surviving a huge even on Earth,hiding in an underground facility in the desert and today I found this song.
    This song is truly nice!

  • Jenny E  says:

    Ah, I meant “event;)”

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