“Experiment IV”

This was the first track in the new studio. Cormac Strain suggested I do a cover of Kate Bush’s Experiment IV. I’ve actually thought of doing a cover of this song in the past.. so I did it.

The vocals were interesting to do. There are 5-6 tracks of vocals. I printed out the lyrics and highlighted different words. I only sang the particular highlighted words for each track. It looked something like this.

We _ _ _ for _ _.

_were _ _ _ the _.

_ _ working _ _ _ military.

_ _ _ secretly _ _ _.

The first vocal tracks were the hardest to get down.

After the vocals were recorded the tracks were each mixed differently. Some got more distortion, some just EQ’ed to death, while others were modulated with filters. I wanted the end result to sound as if the vocals were pieced together from other recordings.


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