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Yamaha R1000 Reverb

Crazy! Wacky! Out of this world! Only $30! At least I think that is what I paid for this odd little 12-bit digital reverb unit.

Acquired 2009

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JBL/UREI 7110 Limiter / Compressor

From the manual…
The JBL/UREI 7110 Limiter/Compressor is built in the tradition that has made UREI limiter/compressors the audio professionals’ choice world-wide. Incorporating both peak and average gain reduction detectors in a single rack space size, the Model 7110 is equally at home in the small recording studio, the sound contractor’s rack, portable sound systems, broadcasting studios or anywhere audio levels need to be automatically controlled.

The 7110 offers new smooth sounding Smart-Slope compression ratios adjustable from 1.5: 1 thru infinity: 1 and permits independent settings for limiting threshold, attack and release times, and output level...

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Sony DPS-R7 Digital Delay/Reverb

This is a very nice reverb unit. Lots of variations, clean sound and when you power it up you’re greeted by a smiley dude on the LCD screen. What’s not to love?

The LCD seems to be sensitive to heat. When the unit warms up in the rack it starts to black out a bit. Run a fan on it and it goes back to normal. Weird.

Sadly, I think my R7 is on its way out. I’ve lost a couple input LEDs and sometimes it seems to be making a bit of a buzz. This has been my main go-to reverb and I hate to see it die.

Inputs: 2x FXLR, 2x 1/4″ Jack
Outputs: 2x MXLR, 2x 1/4″ Jack
MIDI: 5-pin DIN – 1x IN, 1x OUT, 1xTHRU

Each Effect program is a combination of three effects – pre, reverb and post.
Pre-effects: Parametric EQ, Phase shifter, Aural Exciter, Gate
Reverb effects: Hall, Room, Plate, Gated, Early...

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Roland SDX330 Dimensional Expander

Nice machine this. Mine came second-hand out of a nice old Chinese man’s karaoke rig (shame).

I’ve heard good things about this device and was simply amazed at how nice it sounded.

Acquired: 2008

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Alesis MidiVerb

The original half-rack, funky, reverb. I've had this thing since they first came out.Read More

Washburn WSR-42 Multi Stage Distortion

Ye Olde Stack In A Rack. Crazy multi-stage distortion.

Run the signal through EQ, then distort it, and distort that. How can you NOT love it?

Acquired 1980s

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Peavey AddVerb II

I guess we can add the Peavey Add Verb II to the list of devices with leaking Nicad batteries. Read More

Behringer XR4400 4 Channel Gate

A cheap 4-channel gate. I found these new for something like $65-70 each so I nabbed two of them. The boxes sat unopened for several months. When I finally opened them I realized one was broken (easily fixed).

These gates are quiet enough to use on something that sounds worse without them. I’ve not been blown away by them however.

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Alesis M-EQ 230 Equalizer

A basic dual 1/3-octave, 25hz-20,000hz, 30 band, equalizer. They seem to work well enough. Good for slight, quick tweaks here and there.

I had a couple of these in the studio over the years but I find them hard to use because of the tiny little sliders.

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Peavey 4530 Digital Delay

I used to use this delay all the time but it has been pushed aside by the Lexicons. Not a bad delay for its time. It has a little hum to it though.

Acquired 1980s

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